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Claim a Fictional Doctor
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Claim a Doctor!

From the classic irreverence of Watson to the beloved snarkiness of House, fictional doctors have long been a fascination of mine. I decided to create this community in order to allow all you other similarly-fixated journalers out there the chance to claim your favorite doctor! Literature, fairy tales, television, movies, Broadway, comics, animation...the possibilities are all up to you! Just read the rules, join the community, and claim away!

Claims Last Updated 21 July 2006

The Community Rules:
1. 2 Claims Per Member (if interest proves great enough, I will try to work on spiffs and contests to allow for more claims - icontests, banners, community promotion, for example)
2. Please check this page for the updated Claims List to make sure your doctor hasn't been claimed already!
3. Please post your claim as a new entry. Claims made in comments or replies will not be accepted.
4. When claiming, please give the Name Of The Character, the Name Of The Series/Book/Production he or she is from, and the nature of the claim (Movie/TV/Anime/Comics/Etc.).
5. Claims may be forfeited at the member's request - these open claims will be posted in the community for anyone interested. Deletion of journal will result in automatic claim forfeiture.
6. The claims are not limited to medical doctors! I'm sure Dr. Hannibal Lecter would be furious if he knew such a thing... So, anyone with "doctor" in front of their name, or anyone who practices in the field (nurses, unlicensed doctors (gasp!), therapists...)!
7. Claims are only accepted for fictional doctors!

Now have fun, be respectful of each other, and claim away!

--Your Friendly Neighborhood Mod, pinkocracy